Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Congratulations, New Englanders! We made it all the way through the end of a bitterly bitter March, ending with the glorious lion that is Rachel Wiley as our last feature of the month. Activist, poetic thinker, and powerful performer, Rachel rang in spring in with us with the utmost charisma, thoughtfulness, and well-crafted work. You can catch her again tonight at Blast Fest (at the White Haus) for more hyper-smartness and a chance to pick up Fat Girl Finishing School, one of the most fun titles ever to say three times fast.

Once Rachel closed out her feature, we welcomed a sparser-than-average yet still intense four-person poetry slam to the mic. The final one-minute round came down to Josh Elbaum and the well-traveled Sam Mercer; Sam came all the way down from the frozen north to slam with us, and took home the $10 prize. Congrats, Sam!

Next week: HOLY POEMFACES PEOPLE, IT’S FINALS!! The top NINE poets of the whoooooole season will go three rounds ON FIGURATIVE FIRE to see who will make up the 2015 Boston Poetry Slam Team! It’s the Team Selection Slam Finals, it costs $5, and we need YOU (that’s right, capitals) to come support and judge. Mark your calendars for the first night of National Poetry Month; we’d love to see you there!