Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 4, 2015

If you weren’t there this Wednesday, I’m afraid we just don’t know how to explain Regie Gibson‘s feature to you. Sure, he showed off all the performance chops of a national slam champion, and all the writing skill you’d expect from a man holding an MFA in poetry. Yes, he made the stodgiest listener shout out in response to his lyrical work, and, yes, even the tipsiest barflies quieted down to listen to his literary finesse. Throw in a little casually looped beat-boxing and a good shake of mild heckling and you have all the ingredients of a great feature: but if you want the experience, you’ll want to check out his website to see where he’s headlining next.

UPDATE: how did we forget to mention our six-person slam from this Wednesday? Featuring a string of newcomers and powerful ladies, the field quickly boiled down to a WOWPS-bound Nora Meiners and a hungry-for-victory Chloé Cunha. Chloé took top honors in the lightning-quick one-minute round, earning the ten bucks and a shot at our springtime Speed Champion of Champions on May 20!

Next Wednesday: we continue our string of top national slammers with Jesse Parent, Salt Lake City improv nerd and two-time Individual World Poetry Slam runner-up. This long-lost New England native is home to stir up some fun in the city for his first-ever Cantab feature… Which will, of course, be followed by the next iteration of our speed slams. See you there!