Cantab Recap for Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Heat Two of our Preliminary Team Selection Slams is now complete! Rankings from the slam:

  1. Nora Meiners 54.2
  2. Zeke Russell 53.8
  3. Colin Killick 53.1
  4. Emily Eastman 52.9
  5. Sean Patrick Mulroy 52.3
  6. Ed Wilkinson 52.1
  7. John Mortara
  8. Mike Leon

Poets in bold are invited to advance to Semi-Finals on February 18. Congratulations to everyone! We also offer thanks to our excellent sacrifices, local Omoizele Okoawo and traveler Zanne Langlois. Lastly, our judges rocked the house with speed and consistency for two whole rounds: thanks to Halo and Fish, Leah, Z, John Pinkham, and Carley and Will.

Next week: it’s time to cut loose! Forget those silly and meaningless team slams, because we are going to slam about something that matters: GOOD vs. EVIL! HEAVEN vs. HELL! VIRTUE vs. SIN! That’s right, in honor of Erotic Poetry Night, we’ll be having our first-ever Deadly Sins vs. Heavenly Virtues, a (obviously) seven-round smackdown to determine the direction of all our souls. The night’s open mic will be an EROTIC theme, by the way, so look out: if you were counting on bringing your new sweetie to see poetry for Valentine’s Day, just be advised that it is going to get non-redundantly dirty in the Cantab next week.

Ohhhhh, and and and: there’s a show tonight! It’s Moonlighting with Porsha O, the champion of everything! You hardly have to leave the safety of the subway car for this show: just hop off at Forest Hills and run across the street into Fazenda Coffee Roasters. Open mic sign-up starts at 7:00p.m. and this monthly LGBTQ-friendly show is all ages and welcoming to all!