Cantab Recap for July 2, 2014

How is it always the middle of summer when Patricia Smith comes to visit us? Does the hot weather bring her to us or, as might be suggested, is she simply guaranteed to bring the heat? Our co-founder burned up the stage last night with an extended set (really, who stops Patricia from reading) that turned out tons of old-schoolers and a good number of the newly educated for the show. If you missed it… All we can say is that you’ll want to mark your calendar for whenever we can schedule the next one.

To help you ease down off Patricia’s remarkable feature, we are proud to offer two Cantab regulars at our shows this week: first will be Chloé Cunha at Moonlighting on Thursday, July 3, at her last poetry appearance before she leaves for Paris for the summer! Our usual Wednesday reading on July 9 will feature Nathan Comstock on the Cantab stage. Both poets are beloved locals with great rising histories at the show, so you can expect a warm crowd and a great mix of old and new hits. Stay cool and we’ll see you there!