Cantab Recap for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Around here at the BPS, a five-Wednesday month feels as good as a month with an extra paycheck! We spent our poetry payday with a raw, remarkable, and highly memorable feature from Corrina Bain; Corrina welcomed us to a rawly new 30/30 and a dark landscape of childhood memories, all laced with surprisingly homey sarcasm, taking names and changing lives the whole way. Want more? Corrina’s booked at tonight’s Moonlighting show in Jamaica Plain, including a special 6:30 workshop to help kick-start your writing to the next level, as well as an all-different set for those of you who are aching for another taste of this intense performer.

The slam last night was also of remarkable character: eight hopefuls lined up for the Last Chance Slam, the final opportunity for poets to get in on next week’s World Qualifier Speed Slam. Between collegiate all-stars and old school slam champions, wave after wave of slam was represented… And the final two came down to Jena, a clever and unshy poet visiting from Austin, and Dave McKenna, onetime Radio regular. Jena’s poem in the second round won the crowd and judges’ hearts, but Dave’s one-minute performance in the final round sealed the deal and earned him ten bucks and the last spot. Awesome work from everyone!

Tonight: Moonlighting, our LGBTQ reading, starts with a 6:30 workshop and continues with an open mic and feature from the awesome Corrina Bain.

Next week: an outrageous number of poets have qualified for what will actually be a super-efficient show… Our famous World Qualifier Speed Slam invites the last three series of winners back to do only 2- and 1-minute poems, hoping to make the cut for Finals at the end of the month! You can see the list of 20+ monster poets behind the link; we think that’s worth a $5 cover charge, which will help send the ultimate World Qualifier winner to the Individual World Poetry Slam in October.