Cantab Recap for Wednesday, October 2

Consider us flattered: Ed Mabrey spent his last night as the 2012 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion with us here at the Cantab! Ed took us on a sometimes-musical journey full of grand plans, advice of all kinds, and sweet, sweet awkwardness, then got a refreshing three hours of sleep before boarding his plane to the competition in Spokane. Our own sparse-yet-intense six-person slam yielded finalists Zeke Russell and Sophia Holtz… You might think Sophia has just been sitting quietly in the back of the bar listening to the rest of the field slam this summer, but she dispatched Z cleanly (and honorably) for the ten-dollar prize. What a fun show!

Meanwhile, across the country in Spokane, Washington the Individual World Poetry Slam was just heating up. After one night of preliminary competition, our very own Bobby Crawford is sitting respectably near the top third of the field, with two more rounds to go tonight! For raw scores and the bout draw for the whole tournament, you can check out Poetry Slam, Inc.’s score page… Or you can follow along with SlamCenter, the world’s one and only highlights and analysis slam news show; interviews and recaps go up tonight!

Next week at the Cantab: our celebration of Sober October continues with Carrie “Sober” Rudzinksi herself. You can expect a sold-our show, a jam-packed slam, and no doubt at least one or two classic Cantab guests coming out of the woodwork for this one. See you there!