Cantab Recap for Wednesday, August 28

After this year’s Summer of Slam, some of us might have thought we weren’t ready for more big-performance poems quite yet… But Justin Lamb proved any non-believers one hundred percent wrong with an awesomely sincere, entertaining, and pun-filled journey through a cross-up of Boston University and Slam New Orleans sound. After Justin rocked the stage, a jam-packed slam ended up with a super-serious final pairing between Mill City champ Nathan Comstock and SlamCenter star Marshall Gillson. After serving up a poem dedicated to Nathan, Marshall walked away ten dollars richer and ready to try out for the 2014 Boston Poetry Slam team.

Next week: you think you know, but you don’t even know… Actor and Write Bloody poet Jeremy Radin will be in town with his unique, quirky, and impeccably performed work. We’ll also continue with the third slam in this season’s 8×8 series.