Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Very occasionally, the stage staff at the Boston Poetry Slam mentions that the feature did not happen to bring any product– CDs, chapbooks, or the like. If that makes you shift in your seat a little, wishing you could have Krysten Hill‘s words all to yourself, we on staff would like to remind you: sometimes the feature’s thirty minutes on stage at the Cantab are all you can get, so be glad you were here… Because they will be AMAZING. Krysten rocked the house with incredibly solid and crafted work. If you were there, consider yourself lucky: you can say you knew her when.

We finished up the night with a pretty hot slam, welcoming a few new faces with very strong voices: the finals came down to an out-of-town match-up! When the dust (and the time penalties) cleared, Portland’s Jenn C. edged out her carpool buddy, TLove, for the $10 and the win.

Next week: you think you’re ready? Trust us: there is no way to be ready for Harlym125‘s feature next week. Gird your poetic bits and strap in for a wild ride with Associate Dean Adams. We’ll close out the night with the last open poetry slam in this 8×8 series.