Cantab Recap For Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Hey Cantab!

I hope we are all feeling well-rested after daylight savings shot us an hour into the future! This past Wednesday our open mic was filled with high-energy and meaningful work. Kaitie D. packed their poem with fierce imagery and dissonant dissociation. Liz, all the way from New Zealand, gave an astonishing poem on office/corporate culture. We even saw a unique, unironic love poem from our regularly-ironic Cameron V. Finally, there were not one but TWO clown poems, including a persona poem from Myles on Pagliacci the Clown. Speaking of persona poems, we want to give a big thank you to Otto Vock, who hosted an incredibly generative persona poem workshop before the open mic!

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ this week goes to new regular Ilse Ruizvisfocri, with “I let my luck follow its destiny”

I’m bringing back Weekly Shenanigans! The Weekly Shenanigans this week was when the mic decided to use its power of free speech and stop working (possibly as a revolt against Big Poetry™️?). However, this did not stop Nayeli from literally wrangling the mic cord and making sure her voice was heard.

Our feature, Partridge Boswell, brought Irish folk and his guitar to the stage, serenading us with a series of acoustic songs and a few poems. We always appreciate when someone brings their unique flare to the Cantab, and Partridge’s cadence and passion for the arts was clear and had the audience mesmerized!

This week! We have our SECOND TEAM PRELIMINARY SLAM! Come witness the second half of the Boston Poetry Slam’s 2024 team selection preliminaries! The following poets will compete across 2 rounds:

• SAC: Meredith Lakis
• Amy Argentar
• Aparna Paul
• March Penn
• Mary Schwabenland
• Kat Anderson
• Jennifer Martinez
• Keaton Howl

The top slammers will make it to Team Selection Finals on March 27th. Come support your friends and if you don’t know anyone in the slam, volunteer to judge!

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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