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Monday open mic

The New & Improved show includes an open mic as part of the weekly show. The open mic runs from 8:00 to 9:00 each Monday, between the workshop and the double-feature.

We encourage all varieties of performance art on our stage during the open portion of the evening. You may read or perform poetry, prose, music, storytelling, comedy, dance, magic tricks, or whatever else strikes your fancy on the New & Improved stage! We provide one vocal mic and you may plug a single instrument (DI) into our PA if you bring your own cord, or use your MP3 player (cord provided).

To sign up for the open mic list, you must see one of the New & Improved hosts; Michael Monroe, Jamei Bauer, and Melissa Newman-Evans make an effort to approach everyone in the venue to gauge interest in performing, so please do not hesitate to ask about a spot on the open. Open mic slots are limited, so priority will be given to participants who arrived on time for the workshop. Our open mic slots are five minutes long.

Our open mic ends at approximately 9:00 to accommodate the featured artists.