The Boston Poetry Slam Is Officially Back!

Poets, the Boston Poetry Slam is officially no longer on hiatus!

The recent series of Wednesday readings at The Cantab Lounge, helmed by Dawn Gabriel and Myles Taylor, have been going strong since March, and with the beginning of a new year upon us, we felt it would be an apt time to re-announce our unified presence as the Boston Poetry Slam.

In the near future, we will be updating this website to reflect the current staff, events, and shows. In the meantime, you can look forward to reading weekly show recaps written by open mic regular (Airplane) Amy Argentar, as well as the online version of our new community zine.

We have been incredibly inspired by how this community has regenerated over the past nine months, and can’t wait for our community to grow even stronger in 2023.

Yours in poetry,

Dawn Gabriel
Myles Taylor
Michael F. Gill
Sam Cha
Briana Crockett
Kat Anderson