Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Do we see enough of bartender John Pinkham? We do not! Do we see enough of poet John Pinkham? We do not! Was this past Wednesday a glorious triple-catchup candy-basket of John Pinkham goodness? IT WAS, IT WAS. John started the night with an early-bird workshop focusing on an in-depth conversation about humor and poetry, rolling into some very funny prompts that made memorable appearances on the open mic. After slinging drinks behind the bar all night, John stepped on stage for a full set of the playful, laugh-and-thought-provoking work we’ve come to know him for. If you’re lucky enough to catch sight of John in the wilds outside our basement, you can ask him for his new chapbook, Well and Good, released just for our show.

Next week: we’ll be closing out a very busy September with the very well-accredited Marty McConnell as our night’s headliner. An award-winning published poet and National Poetry Slam Champion, Marty was running workshops at the Cantab before the Cantab even ran workshops… If you can arrive before 6pm and want to walk out of the bar with a poem next week, show up for Ode to the Odd, a generative workshop with Marty at the helm.