Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Another June in the books, Cantabbers! Big ups to last night’s feature, Ben Tolkin, who withstood some good-natured “elusive” ribbing in order to bring a dynamic, wide-ranging, and literally historically true feature to the stage last night. Take notes, folks on the hook for a full feature set: if you aren’t nestling a ten-minute poem into the centerpiece of your setlist, you could be doing things Ben’s way instead.

Next week: did someone say slam? Oh, wait, it was us: we’ll be back in action with a 4×4 team slam featuring teams from Verbal Slap (Connecticut), Dirty Gerund (Worcester, Mass.) and pick-up all-star captain George Abraham, all taking on the home team. Check your couch cushions for twenty first-week-of-the-month dimes, please; it’s a $5 cover this week to put up a $100 prize for the winner and pay gas money to our traveling teams!