Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Last night, poet Jasmine Reid took our stage for a sound-rich, spellbinding feature featuring work from her upcoming chapbook from Honeysuckle Press. This tender and uncompromising poet brought us along an emotional and physical journey linked with lush vowels and abundant slant rhyme, deprioritizing narrative in favor of audible sumptuousness: a glorious and blooming opener for June.

Next week: we recommend you arrive early for what might be our hottest slam show of the spring! Four teams representing Game Over Books, pizza pi press, Slam Free or Die, and your very own home venue will slam off in a glorious 4×4 Nationals-style team slam. Our open mic will be just a smidge shorter, but judging opportunities will abound, and we expect our presses will bring plenty of product for you to browse. Heads up: this show will have a $5 cover to pay each of our slam teams as well as offer a cash prize for the winners of the slam.