Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 16, 2019

George Abraham! George Abraham! George Abraham! Somebody whose name this blogger just typed three times in a row stuffed the Cantab with loving and talented humans last night in the name of poetry. After a workshop offering an exciting prompt on three breathtaking writing samples (check out one at our weekly prompt here), George presented us with a delicately wrought set riding on a powerful conceptual engine, shaking the audience’s concepts of science, territory, body, and the very shape of a poem. George has more shows coming up this month, but if you want to hold these new poems in your hands, snap up The Specimen’s Apology for yourself straight from the publisher’s website.

Next week: it’s a science double-header! Student in neuroscience and UMass Boston CUPSI veteran José Zepeda will take the stage for a full feature. 2019 has been selling out quick, so come early to get a seat for this important and beloved local voice.