Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Congratulations to all the listeners who got in to see our first sold-out show of 2019! Last night, Cave Canem Poetry Prize winner, CUPSI Best Poet, and all-around dope writer Julian Randall had folks falling (gently) over each other to catch his half-hour set. Powerful, unapologetic, and masterfully crafted, Julian’s work shook, flexed, and lifted the audience to a high point in the new calendar year, exactly what we needed on this second Wednesday; folks still looking to purchase the poet’s book can grab his work straight from his publisher at Pitt. Extra thanks to the writers who came out early to make for a lively workshop and dialogue before the show: if you missed your chance to write a poem there, no worries, we’ve got another workshop next week starring George Abraham.

Yup, you read that right: George Abraham will not only lead a workshop before doors open for the show, but also be releasing the specimen’s apology that week on Sibling Rivalry, at The House Slam, and right here at the Cantab! You can count on different sets, different takes on poems, and different (soon-to-be-famous) banter from the author at every show from this beloved local; come to us early, stay late, hear poems and maybe even write one in the warm light of a room filled with fellow artists.