Cantab Recap for Wednesday, August 1, 2018

O, Cantab denizens: thanks so much to everyone who came to the show last night to see the eminent, shining, and bone-shakingly brilliant Crystal Valentine. The poet opened an uncompromising window on structures of power, life & death in the Bronx, and love as a personal and radical act. Thanks to Crystal for taking such good care of our audience while bringing deep cuts to the mic; we hope folks who heard her are walking around beautifully changed today.

Our slam heated up late in the night with a sudden rush of competitors: six poets tried their luck and skill at the three-round competition, coming down to veteran Zeke Russell and up-and-coming new arrival Anthony in the final round. Zeke took the win and the ten bucks, but there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a number of strong rookies out of just this slam over rest of the year.

Next week: our three-act show concentrates on just two acts, with our regular open mic followed by an extended feature set from the 2018 Boston Poetry Slam Team! Neiel Israel, John Pinkham, Meaghan Ford, Truj, and Sara Mae will air out the work they’ll be representing YOU with at the National Poetry Slam in a few short weeks! Get in line early, folks, because the house will be full of well-wishers and (dare we say it?) a few scouts looking to see the team’s set for NPS. Of note: it’s a five-dollar cover that night to support our team’s last fundraising push for travel to Chicago, and you might want to pack some extra cash to pick up the team’s forthcoming chapbook!