Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Some people say the internet is out there declaring that only a few weeks of summer remain. Some folks are talking about getting press releases and party invitations suggesting that the end of summer happens in mid-August or some such nonsense. Fie! Pish-tosh! Horsefeathers! There are Two Whole Months left of summer goodness in your calendar, folks, and right in the heart of it this week was the hothot poem work of Anna Binkovitz, cold-weathering Minneapolis poet and departing Cantab barstool denizen. Anna at last performed a welcoming full feature set on the mic… Just in time for us to lose her to NYC. Good luck in your travels and stay cool in New York, Anna!

Our slam was a rapid-fire affair hosted by Zeke Russell and featuring a heads-up finale between north-side visitor Maya Williams and much-beloved local Lip. Lip took the win and the ten dollars home, and brought us one step closer to our August 22 Champion of Champions match, where we invite our eight winners back to slam for the venue title.

Next week: in a glorious last-minute booking, the eminent Crystal Valentine has agreed to swoop in to feature for us next Wednesday. Come see this powerful poet with a delicate touch for craft in a full feature set; we recommend an early arrival (doors are at 7:15) if you want a seat for this one.