Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 20, 2018

So if you’ve been missing longtime Cantab co-host Sean Patrick Mulroy, last night was your night at the show: Sean was back in town on a brief foray from his Kerouac residency, bringing us a classic feature that was equal parts elegantly sad and elegantly crafted. Our slam was a three-poet round-robin, swept confidently by a late-arriving-but-highly-prepared Evan Cutts, with no hard feelings from co-host and curator Cassandra de Alba or thoughtful newcomer James. Let’s hope the big ten-dollar slam prize is enough to get Evan thinking about a return for our Champion of Champions Slam this August!

Oh, and speaking of slam: we’ve got a great big bunch of it lined up for you next week, when poets from House (YUP), Northampton (YUP YUP) and Providence (YUP YUP YUP) come out to strut their stuff in a four-team match with your very own home team. Come enjoy a full-length Nationals-style 4×4 team poetry slam for the lowlow fundraising price of $5; we’re betting tonight’s matchup of widely acclaimed teams is gonna give any top NPS match a run for the money, and no doubt will stock your brain with linguistic fireworks to set off in your own writing sessions for weeks to come.