Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hot January greatness, Cantab! The gusts of our enthusiastic industrial heater were no match for the hair-blown-back level of sweetness and grace from last night’s feature, Nancy Huang. This welcoming, thoughtful, and dexterous writer shook us into and out of our bodies on a journey through her first collection, Favorite Daughter. Nancy’s in New York for her next round of gigs tonight, but you can still get her book straight from the publisher at the link!

The Last Chance Slam, as expected, was an extremely exciting roster of six. Eventual finalists Mugs and Lindsey Michelle defeated past slam team competitors and finalists, plus two where-did-that-come-from rookies, to reach the last head-to-head round! When the dust cleared around these two of-late regulars, it was Lindsey Michelle standing victorious. Lindsey is now ten bucks richer and gets to advance to the January 31 team selection heat

Wait, does that mean that THIS COMING WEDNESDAY is the first night of team selection slams? Omigosh, you betcha, /other Midwestern-style epithets here/! Join us on January 24 as eleven slammers fight for the first six spots in semi-finals: Allison Truj, Brandon Melendez, Cassandra de Alba, George Abraham, Evan Cutts, Jackie Perry, Kieran Collier, Kye Jasper, Lip McDonald, Meaghan Ford and Suzanne O’Toole will go two rounds in a grand melee to kick off our 2018 selection process. Remember that it’ll cost you $5 to get in that night to help fundraise for the eventual team, and boyo would we love it if you brought a new listener along to judge!