Cantab Recap for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What an exceptional open mic this week, folks: really thoughtful work, a great range of emotion and entertainment, and a deep thread of generosity of spirit running through the night… Oh, wait, was it RebeccaLynn’s feature night? Well, that all makes perfect sense. RebeccaLynn took the stage in a whirlwind of one-to-two-minute poems, leaving us breathless in between but resuscitating us with the best bar banter in the biz. And okay, maybe you missed your chance at the night’s zines or beautiful broadsides (designed by Allison Truj), but you can still order a chapbook, Bloom, directly from the artist, or, even better, contribute to her fundraiser to get to this month’s Winter Tangerine workshop in NYC.

The night’s slam, the fourth in the final 8×8 of the season, was a great example of how competition really heats up in the winter: after three hard-fought rounds, Kye took the top score over Sara Mae in the final round. Kye joins a heckuva lineup getting ready for the 2018 Team Selection Slams in January.

Next week: spider enthusiast and poet Austin Hendricks arrives for a full feature. May we gently suggest you bring your science poems to the mic for this beloved local?