Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September has sprung, Cantabbers, and with it comes the slow and spiraling fall of many perfectly good college students to the depths of our slammy little basement. Welcome and welcome back to our thoughtful and skilled open mic poets, who put on a great show for us on Wednesday, all as preview for a rawly honest feature and narrative from Al Gundy that included a bit of Walrus Walter, a bit of Super Grover, a bit of family-back-and-forth improv, and a truly genuine helping of Al’s sincerity. The six-poet slam started out casual, but progressed through friendly competition to a fierce head-to-head between finalists Kieran Collier and Meaghan Ford. Meaghan reigned supreme in the final round, earning $10 to go and sending Kieran off to slam (or host) another day.

Next week: we are exceptionally proud to present Simone John, an extremely strong local writer beginning the fall leg of her tour behind TESTIFY, her first full-length book of poems. For those interested in testing their own strength, we’ll have signups open for the fifth poetry slam in this season’s 8×8 series.