Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A very lucky crowd turned out for the Cantab last night in what marked the first of many sweet evenings with our summertime crew: an unhurried, thoughtful open mic, followed by a substantial portion of Maya Phillips‘ MFA thesis, all its academic glory polished up with Maya’s elegant and powerful reading voice. The slam was a bare-bones affair with just four folks jostling for the ten-dollar prize: the final pairing matched up grizzled vet jeff taylor against fresh-faced rookie Alex McDonald. In a true spring victory, Alex took the prize, leaving jeff to slam another day.

If you liked Maya’s style this week, then you might want to mark your calendar for one of our latest bookings (event page forthcoming): on August 23, local reader Danielle Legros Georges will present a full set on the Cantab stage. Or, if you’re most missing the EPP slams of yore that Maya used to curate, you’ll love watching our 40% Emersonian team slam off next week on June 7, facing teams from House, Northampton, and Providence. Heads up: it’s a $5 cover charge for the show next week to raise money to send our team to Nationals, and we’ll be looking for judges for the slam that night, so we hope you’ll bring a friend to help support the slam!