Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What a night, folks: eight poets entered the epic four-round World Qualifier this week, but only one could leave as the World Qualifier Champ and the Boston Poetry Slam’s sole representative to the 2017 Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, Washington this October. It was an awesome night, full of strong performances all around and a topsy-turvey competition among a tight group of our winningest pre-qualified locals, all fighting for scores from some consistently tight-fisted judges! After three seasons and six rounds of slamming towards the title, we are proud to announce the night’s final rankings:

CHAMPION: Zeke Russell
Runner-Up: Allison Truj
3. RebeccaLynn
4. Em Taylor
5. Meaghan Ford
6. Sara Mae
7. Brandon Melendez
8. Alex McDonald

Grand thanks to our judges: Megan, Simon, Kaitlyn, Hope & Tasha, and #1 volunteer judge Josh for a highly consistent night, as well as our intrepid sacrifices, Ron Prudent and Austin Hendricks. And, of course, hearty congratulations to Zeke Russell, WQ champ AND top scorer in team competition, who will represent us in international competition this fall!