Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy new calendar year, Cantabbers! What a joyous start to 2017: a super-solid and thoughtful open mic turned out for a huge audience, all ramping up to see a grand feature from Nkosi Nkululeko. This Callaloo fellow, Pushcart Prize nominee, and eminent NYC slammer most assuredly messed with the minds and vocabularies of those present in the best possible way. Thanks to Nkosi for coming to make our first night of the year so celebratory… And for sticking around for Last Chance Slam full of wicked surprises. Six poets took the stage hoping for a chance to rep at next week’s prelims, and the finalists came down relative newcomer Justin Jiménez vs. relative oldtimer jeff taylor. Sorry, jeff, but it looks like a new year means a new slam winner, too: congratulations to Justin, who earned $10 and a callback for his fresh and freshly delivered work.

But wait, you say: was that really it? The very Last Chance Slam to qualify for the Team Selection Slam Preliminaries on January 11 and January 18?!

You bet yer sweet potatoes it was, glitches, and you know what that means: next week marks the first of two preliminary heats to begin narrowing down our eighteen active competitors for the 2017 Boston Poetry Slam Team. You’ll want to come early and settle in for two rounds of poetry from Jess Riz, Neiel Israel, John Pinkham, Zeke Russell, Ron, Brandon Melendez, Adam Stone, Meaghan Ford, and Last Chance winner Justin Jiménez.

Remember: it’s a $5 cover next week and our open mic will be shorter than usual to allow for 18 poems in the slam! Come early if you want to sign up, or, even better, come early to JUDGE the 10pm competition and get a direct say in who will advance in the 2017 team selection series.