Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thanks to all the good folks who came out last night for a great open mic and a feature from the SlamMaster! The slam was an eight-poet knock-down drag-out brawl, getting down to Brandon Melendez and Marshall Gillson in the final round. Marshall redeemed his loss from last Wednesday with a big finish over Brandon, qualifying him for the October 19 Champion of Champions match as well as the 2017 Boston Poetry Slam Team selection slams, which start in January (maybe you’ve heard).

Next week: grab a sawbuck and a friend and settle in downstairs for an extended feature set from our 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam representative Neiel Israel! We’ll be celebrating her trip to Flagstaff with a double-length feature of all the work you’ve been dying to hear (and plenty that you haven’t yet). Don’t forget: it’s a special $5 cover for this no-doubt-unforgettable show.