Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesdays are the best, folks. What better way to spend Star Wars Day than by watching an epic battle of the most core representations of good and evil, presented through good poetry and… Actually, all the poetry was pretty good. A diabolical dozen slammers turned out last night for the season’s shortest epic: a two-round speed slam with just 2-minute and 1-minute slam rounds. After sacrifices from Adam Stone and Austin Hendricks, the poets faced off with their three-minutes-or-less of poetry, and when the dust cleared, the standings were:

1. Marshall Gillson 51.7
2. (tie) John Pinkham 51.2
2. (tie) Neiel Israel 51.2
4. Bobby Crawford 49.6
5. (tie) Nora Meiners 49.2
5. (tie) Mckendy Fils-Aimé 49.2
7. RebeccaLynn Gualtieri 49.0
8. Chloé Cunha 48.4

9. Emily O’Neill
10. Zeke Russell

11. Ed Wilkinson
12. Meaghan Ford

Poets in bold will advance to the four-round Finals on May 18, and those in italics will be invited to sacrifice. The first round on May 18 will be seeded in order of last night’s finish, from high to low; if you’re wondering how we manage ties, the poet who earned their total first (by going earlier in the final round) is considered to have the higher score (thus earning a later spot on May 18).

Congratulations to all our hard-working poets, and special thanks to our talented bout manager, Tom Slavin, and most deadpan on-stage scorekeeper, Kieran Collier.

Next week: we’ll have a brief interlude from slam with the pretty-much-retired-but-still-champion-of-all-things-slam Anis Mojgani. Yes, this will sell out, YES, this show will be the bomb, YES, get here early if you want a seat! See you soon!