Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yes! Yes! Yes! Robert Lashley came to see us this past Wednesday, and he brought down the house at the Cantab on the very last stop on his marathon tour. Sure, his work is incredibly solid and surprising, and, sure, his banter and performance were off the charts– but we know that one of our favorite parts of his feature was also when he was kind enough to honor Jack McCarthy right on our home stage. Thanks, Robert. (Did you missed your chance to buy his sell-out book? You can still order it from Small Doggies Press right here.)

After the feature, of course, we slam. This particular Wednesday saw eight poets crowd into the slam, jostling for both elbow room and bragging rights. The final round came down to the matchup of mortal enemies Ed Wilkinson vs. Sophia Holtz: despite Sophia showing off some Nationals-ready work, Ed took the win and the ten bucks. Watch out, 2016!

Next Wednesday show: OMG IT’S NORTHBEAST EVERYBODY. Our second of two five-team NorthBEAST Regional hits the stage next week, with performances from Slam Free or Die, Seven Hills Poetry Slam, The House Slam, Northampton Poetry Slam, and, of course, your home team. Remember that it’s a $5 night this week to raise money to send our team to Nationals!