Cantab Recap for Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sometimes, Cantabbers, a poet comes through at just the right time with just the thing you need. Our very special thanks to the champion of our faces, Mike McGee, who rolled us gently through a love-poem set last Wednesday, taking us backwards in time from breakup to first blush. Beautiful! Our six-poet slam took a few romantic cues from Mike’s set, but progressed markedly forwards from six poets down to two, where Colin Killick and Mckendy Fils-Aimé fought for the penultimate ten-dollar prize of 2014. Mckendy took the big win, securing his spot in the upcoming Boston Poetry Slam Team Preliminaries this coming January. Awesome!

Next week, December 17 will be our LAST CANTAB SHOW OF THE YEAR, people: we’ll be taking a break on December 24 and slamming as part of Boston’s First Night on December 31. That means we have to finish our December bar shows with a bang: and, as you know, you can’t spell Brian! S! Ellis! without a whole lotta fireworks. Show up early for our last 2014 Cantab show and first real feature with Brian since his move to Portland, Oregon years ago. Those of you looking for extra year-end spending money can try for the ten bucks riding on that night’s open slam, too.