Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ah, mid-September, the time when poets’ thoughts turn lightly to those of touring… Fortunately, we got one-time BPS team member Jade Sylvan to hang with us tonight for a full feature before embarking on yet another whirlwind of poetry performance! Jade treated us to both new and older work, reading excerpts from her latest published work, Kissing Oscar Wilde, among others. We wish Jade luck on tour, and remember: don’t be a stranger!

The slam to finish up the evening was, for the first time in months, short one player, with just seven folks facing off for the ten-dollar prize. Fortunately, no one’s enthusiasm was damped by the smaller field; in fact, a few first-timers came out of the woodwork to give the regulars a run for their money! The finals came down to Judea, an open mic regular moonlighting on the late slam list, and Nathan Comstock, who brought us an all-alien-themed slam set (perhaps foreshadowing next week’s event). Nathan took the win, cementing his spot in next year’s team selection slams with months to spare.

Next week: Nathan Comstock will be the man of the hour, bringing his production and hosting experience to bear with the Cantab’s first ever Star Trek vs. Star Wars slam! It’s going to get very geeky in here, folks, as all-stars and newcomers fight for the honor of their favorite sci-fi universe, taking on characters and concepts in head-to-head match-ups. And if you didn’t make the cut to slam, don’t worry… There’s plenty of room in the open mic to make your case, too. See you there, nerds!