Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When the SlamMaster’s away… Emily Carroll and Sean Patrick Mulroy will rule the house with an iron fist! These two dictators employed Nora Meiners and other stern-faced staffers last Wednesday night to make sure no one had even a moment of fun during our sweet and jam-packed open mic. The feature was the cool and nearly emotionless Nathan Comstock, who of course would never touch on the tender concepts of family, young love, or Schrodinger’s cat during his much-awaited feature. Lastly, the massive ten-dollar slam prize went home with the indubitably sour bartender Adam Stone, who defeated the bloodthirsty and ill-tempered Jess Riz for the win.

This Wednesday: everything is back to normal– except that it’s a hyooooge NorthBEAST Regional 4×4 in the feature slot! Teams from Port Veritas in Portland, Slam Free or Die in Manchester, Urbana from New York City, and the Lizard Lounge from down the street will face off in a winner-take-bragging rights practice bout for this August’s National Poetry Slam. Keep in mind that it’s a $5 cover that night to help raise money to send our own slam team to NPS.