Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 27

Listen: we were not surprised at all at how good Cam Awkward-Rich‘s feature was. Nope, not even a little… But we were straight-up blown away by the quality of his work. He and last week’s feature Sam Sax are headed back to the west coast after this week, but they’ll leave us with lots of great memories… Not to mention dozens of copies of The Gay Pride Poetry Book. The slam last night was a really hot one, with poets bringing a combination of super-polished and totally raw work, all looking to connect with the audience. The final match-up came down to CUPSI-bound Emerson student Alison Truj vs. venue regular and up-and-comer Dave McKenna: Dave’s stretched the one-minute poem to the absolute edges of the time limit and profited ten dollars and the big win. What a stellar night!

But wait, there’s more! We’re back next Wednesday, as usual, with not one, but TWO events. We’ll start the night promptly at 6:00 (doors at 5:30) with an early-bird writing workshop with 2013 Boston Poetry Slam Team member Jade Sylvan: The Art of Funny-Sad. Folks arriving at our usual doortime will get our usual open mic, plus a double-feature from Cambridge Arts Council Poet Populist Candidates Lo Gallucio and Tom Yuill. We’ll close the night with an open speed slam. Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!