Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 23

Cold? You think it’s cold outside? Well, last week’s feature, Beau Williams, started his poetry career in Manchester and has since moved to the even-more-frozen even-more-north, Portland, Maine… What we’re trying to say is that the man knows how to warm a heart, and did a fabulous job of it that past Wednesday. Those who stayed late enough to keep warming the last stools at the bar also got to see a special treat: our speed slam was won by Seattle’s not-too-cool-for-us Mary Lambert, who defeated Bobby Crawford in the final round of a wildly fun speed slam. (Also of note: Mary’s touring partner, Rose McAleese, took a graceful defeat to Mary in the second round of the slam. Thanks for slamming so far from home, ladies!)

Next Wednesday: we’re back with the roasting-hot slam work of Miles Walser, Minneapolis and Write Bloody poet touring far from home! We’ll also continue our speed slams (that’s 3-, 2-, and 1-minute rounds) with the third in the series.