Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 16

Is it the mild weather? The return of the National Poetry Slam? Or perhaps the remarkable bar ambiance at the Cantab? …No, we’re pretty sure it’s still the open mic and feature that keeps selling out our Wednesday night show, and this past week was no exception. Bay-Area-gone-Canadian performance poet Lucia Misch put together a sensitive, sweet, and super-fun feature for us last night, making all our booking work worthwhile once again. The first speed slam was won by Nathan Comstock, who overcame a tough tie in the first round to go on to defeat Kieran Collier in the final one-minute head-to-head. Excellent!

Next week, we’ll return with our usual open mic and New Hampshire reader Beau Williams, once of the nicest guys in slam and a damn fine writer to boot. To close the night, we’ll continue our speed slam series: that’s 3-, 2-, and 1-minute rounds in an open poetry slam.