Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 6

Summer is coming, folks, and so are our summer readers: last night’s Cantab show featured a packed house, tons of strong new readers, and, of course, a feature from Erich Haygun. Erich rocked the house with a great selection of work, even offering a pseudo-appearance by the much-missed Brian S. Ellis. The slam was a wild one, rife with time penalties and some very direct judges… At the end of the night, Marshall Gillson rose to the top, just defeating Eddy Martinez in the final round.

Burning to see more slam? No problem! We’ve got a HUGE show next week: it’ll be our first NorthBEAST Summer Regional of the year. That means our home team will be competing against other Nationals-bound teams from Portland, Providence, and New York City! Heads-up: our cover charge is $5 this coming Wednesday in order to help raise funds to send our team to the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, North Carolina.