Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last night, we had one of our favorite features stop by for a set: Jamaal May brought us his thoughts on the process of writing and being a writer… And, of course, some damn fine work read and performed, too! Can’t get enough? You can check out his press, Organic Weapon Arts, to order books or even submit to their chapbook series.

Then, to close the night, we successfully held the first Champion of Champions slam in the fabulous new format! And by “successfully,” we mean the four previous slam winners who arrived to compete (Kevin Spak, Patrick S., Ed Wilkinson, and Matthew Richards) fought tooth and nail through three rounds for the $50 prize. Patrick S. was crowned season champion over Kevin Spak, giving him the right to challenge Simone Beaubien, the reigning champ, to a brand-new-poem face-off. Simone’s creepy AK-47 poem trumped Patrick’s creepy teddy bear poem by 4-1 judge preference, so she retains the venue title and will be expected to defend again in July.

Next week: we invited James Caroline to feature and told him to do whatever he wants. Expect to get your heart torn out and get all sexed up, possibly at the same time… Which should make our final 8×8 before the Team Slam Preliminaries, the infamous Last Chance Slam, even more interesting.