Cantab Recap For Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Hi Cantab! Now that Team Selection is over, the hype, sold out nights, and crazy energy has finally come to an en- oh… wait… I’m being told by my producers that last Wednesday was in fact just as hype, sold out, and crazy energy as last month!

One of the most notable aspects of the night was when Cameron (aka “Professor Philip Plumberly”) recited a satiric poem in his excellent mostly-British character, and while I cannot describe the raucous experience of the poem, I can say the line “her excellent boobies” was said. Newcomer Donovan also blew us away with his poem about his “body electric.” Perhaps the highlight of the night was new regular Lys McGuire performing a completely improvised poem based on the word “apples” shouted from the back of the room. It was so good I think half the audience didn’t realize it was improv until halfway through the poem!

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ goes to Siraj, with “I am just a human who eats too much joy”

Before the open mic, we had an evocative workshop led by our own staff member and incredible host, Nayeli. The workshop was incredibly generative and featured analysis of two bodies of work (from sources as diverse as Gertrude Stein and Earl Sweatshirt), and a whole fruit tableau, spotlit on the stage.

After the open mic, the beloved veteran Cantabber Brian S. Ellis provided us with a jaw-droppingly fantastic feature. We all got the privilege of existing within the world Brian’s words create. There were tales of the perils of copywriting, Occam’s razor, and honestly what it means to live. There was not one, but two standing ovations, a truly one-of-a-kind feature. Thank you Brian!! You can also re-watch Brian’s feature on our instagram here.

Psst! This month is National Poetry Writing Month, so be sure to interact with the “Take a Prompt, Leave a Prompt” cup we have set up at the front table, and get writing!

This week, it’s not just a feature, it’s a BOOK RELEASE SHOW! Gregory Smith (They/Them) is drinking wine right now. They can solve a 7×7 Rubik’s cube in only (1) penalty overtime work shift. You can find them sharing kandi bracelets with Metalheads or backswinging at a warehouse rave. They have been serving on staff at New Hampshire’s longest-running poetry slam and open mic series, Slam Free Or Die in Manchester, New Hampshire, since 2018. They also were chosen as Slam Free Or Die’s Indie Slam Champion and IWPS representative (in abstentia) in 2018. Their poetry has appeared in Bullshit Lit, The People’s Book Volume 2, Verum Literary Journal, Rockview Reader, Rectangles, and on Their debut full-length collection, Profligate Angel, is forthcoming from Game Over Books. They’re an Aries and therefore are here to spit fire and truth, no matter the cost.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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