Cantab Recap For Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

Amy: Happy first Wednesday of Spring Cantab! We had a lovely show last week. Georgia came back after not just years, but decades, to perform a poem. Second-timer Dave read some absolutely killer wordplay on the perils of dating apps. Shout out to first-timer Rin who unofficially wins the also-unofficial “getting the crowd going” award for the night, with a wild mix of poetry and edgy stand-up.

And now, a haiku to pass it off to Michael: after the open / seventeen bucks on the line / a short but sweet slam!

Michael: Thanks Amy! Our monthly haiku slam series continued this week, and it was such a sensation that it deserved a larger mention in this week’s recap. Haiku slammers have learned that you need to go for the jugular in the first round, which usually means some form of comedy and/or sex related haiku. Jacq Roderick, March Penn, and Sarah King were all rewarded for this in the first round, but when [s.m.]DECKER and Amy both went for the outrageous in the same round, the audience had a more difficult time picking a clear winner. Seeing this as an opportunity for a palette cleanser, finalists Jacq and Sarah shifted their haiku to be more personal, with Jacq coming out victorious in the end!

Amy: Thanks Michael! Now, moving to the astounding off-book feature we had from the great Amanda Shea! Her emotive pieces on love, loss, and how to find the most genuine parts of yourself and society, left the audience dazzled. This hard-working poet deserves all your praises. 

This week! We have … drumroll please…. The TEAM SELECTION FINALS!! 9 poets will compete in a 2-round slam that is guaranteed to be the best adrenaline-thumping, voice-hoarsing, competitive, and exciting slam of the season!! You do NOT want to miss this! The top 5 slammers will be henceforth our 2024 Boston Poetry Slam Team, with the 6th being the alternate. The competing poets are as follows:

  • Sara Hill
  • Mary Schwabenland
  • Logan Lopez
  • Jennifer Martinez
  • Kaitie Dilán
  • Amy Argentar
  • Katya Zinn
  • Aparna Paul
  • Brynna Boyd

Also, psst…. It’s not just the slam that’s this week, it’s our TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our grand re-opening! Thank you to everyone, new or veteran, that has supported and been a part of this great community.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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