Cantab Recap For Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Another Wednesday, another SOLD OUT show, Cantabbers! We had one heck of an audience and open mic list last week! We had first-timer Brynna early in the open mic set the bar with an incredible poem on never learning to tell time (she did keep it right under three minutes, though 😁). We had regular Logan Lopez with a poem on moving and queer love, Kai with new work about seeing Madonna with their mom, and Skylar with a conceptual piece on voicemail options for the neurodivergent. What a night!

This week’s ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ goes to first timer Shivank, with “You don’t always have to burn your way out” 

This week’s shenanigans has to be the fact that birthday boy Michael F. Gill not only hosted the Express Lane, but was in TWO different group pieces: one was bilingual, and one imagined what a poem would be like if it … was the MBTA! (Apologies for any non-locals in the audience, most of that probably went over your heads).

This week’s feature was Devin Kelly, who knocked our socks off with his set. As mentioned in one of his opening pieces, Devin “believes in a poetry of excess,” and we got poetry with an excess of passion, beauty, and romance. A truly touching feature, listening to Devin’s work is a reminder to all of us to put our hearts into our poems. Thank you Devin!

This Wednesday, we have a SPEED SLAM!!! Come slam for a chance to win $50 and qualify to try out for the 2024 Boston Poetry Slam team! The first round will be one-minute poems, the second round will be two-minute poems, and the last round will be three-minute poems. Sign-ups are first-come, first-served.

COMMUNITY NOTE: The current COVID surge is one of the highest throughout the pandemic and we want to keep our community accessible and safe. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the community to bring a mask to the show for the next few weeks and to keep it on when not drinking or performing.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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