Cantab Recap For Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Hey Cantabbers! We had a fantastic late-night show last week at the Boston Poetry Slam. We still had a great turnout despite starting at 9:30 PM! Open mic participants either chose “truth,” where they performed their poem as written, or “dare” where they picked a dare from a jar and incorporated it into their poem.

Truths included:

  • Am amazing poetic description of a concert by Daniel Letona
  • Till with a STELLAR debut
  • Amy (not me!) rounding out the end of the open mic with a powerful political piece

Dares included:

  • Yousef incorporating dance moves into his poem
  • Logan replacing every “can” or “can’t” with… “Cantab”
  • Kaitie D. performing her poem … with a sock puppet.

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ was from TJ Jones, who, when given the dare to incorporate the word “Fergalicious” into his poem, not only did that multiple times, but rapped his poem and danced to it the whole time. Astounding work. Here is a line from that experience of a poem: “Hands up in the air / Worship everywhere / Fergamonius

This Wednesday, get ready, get pumped, for our mentor, slam host, and INCREDIBLE poet, Zeke Russell! Zeke is a poet and housing advocate. He grew up in Central Maine surrounded by artists, lumberjacks and outlaws. He is clean and sober and lives in Boston with his partner Milo. His debut poetry collection, Wintered Over, is available from Game Over Books. His work has appeared in Wyvern Lit, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Freezeray Poetry, Maps For Teeth and on Button Poetry online.

See you Wednesday!

-Amy ✈️

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