Cantab Recap: Friday, September 9, 2011

Have you been missing all the folks who said goodbye to the Cantab this week? Never fear, folks: a new crop of fall visitors is here, and we heard a number of great new pieces on the open mic on Wednesday. Our feature was master punster and Bay Area sensation Kim Johnson, who regaled us with some of the work that earned her a top spot at IWPS 2009 (plus a few dirty haiku, as promised). The semi-final slam was won by Carlos Williams, who defeated Z and Sophia Holtz to advance to the September 21 season final.

Next week: organizer, schmorganizer… We get to hear Seattle SlamMaster Daemond Arrindell read his POEMS. A rare treat! Daemond’s feature will be followed by the second semi-final slam: Matthew, Paulie, Antonia, and McKendy are qualified.