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The Boston Poetry Slam is fortunate to have a close relationship with the weekly show’s host venue, the Cantab Lounge; Judy Griffin, the night’s original bartender, delivered many a poet a well-deserved drink (and a few words of wisdom, too) before easing her way into retirement sometime in 2007. The night’s current bartenders began as poets and are now employed by the venue. (The show is still reviewing if this thwarts or facilitates the staff’s penchant for writing and performance.)

The original Venerable Doorman, Ron Goba, retired in 2005. He now runs a small weekly salon from his home in Wollaston, Mass. As no single doorman can replace Ron, the show rotates set-up and door staff throughout the night.

The show’s support staff performs at the end of the open mic each week. All support staff is available for booking to produce or perform at your show. Please see the individual staff pages for biographical and contact information.