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New & Improved offers a weekly workshop as part of the Monday event. Doors open at 6:30 for a 7:00 workshop that lasts until 8:00; please arrive on time to respect other participants who are working. There is no extra charge to workshop and no limit on participants. Workshops are designed to be accessible for all levels of writers and performers.

The workshop is led by the night’s featured poet or artist. (On nights without individual features, such as The Encyclopedia Show, the workshop may be led by one of the New & Improved hosts). The workshop is usually a generative writing workshop, but could also focus on performance or other techniques relevant to the feature’s expertise. A few workshops ask that artists bring a piece to edit or practice performing; for specific details on the night’s workshop, see the event descriptions on the New & Improved schedule.

Non-participants are welcome in the venue during the workshop. Please be respectful of those working during this time.