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World Qualifier (IWPS)

Poetry Slam, Inc. presents the Individual World Poetry Slam in a different city each October. Seventy-two poets from around the globe apply to compete in two nights of preliminary poetry slams featuring 4-, 3-, 2, and 1-minute poems. A single IWPS champion is selected from twelve finalists in a final four-poem round.

The Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge has sent a venue representative to every IWPS since the event’s inception in 2004. The process for selecting the venue representative, initiated in 2005, is known as the World Qualifier, and the rules and format are designed to simulate the IWPS competition.

Poets who have won a single open poetry slam OR held the Champion of Champions title at any time during the qualification period (generally August through April) are invited to compete in night one of the World Qualifiers (semi-finals); qualified poets will be listed on the venue website and, when possible, contacted by the SlamMaster by email.

Top-scoring poets from night one will be invited to compete on night two (finals). The winner of the finals will represent the Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge at the next Individual World Poetry Slam.