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2019 team expectations

The Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge is proud to hold up an annual team as representative of, accountable to, and honored by the venue. Team selection for 2019 will conclude in spring: for full details, click here.

With no National Poetry Slam to prepare for this August, the team will be considered the primary poetic representative of the venue. Keeping in mind reasonable accommodation for the schedules of the selected poets, the venue asks for the following time commitments through the end of the calendar year:

  • Open mic attendance at the venue 2-4 times per month
  • Dedicated practice or workshop time with the team 1-4 times per month, TBD by the team and coach
  • NEW FOR 2019: Attendance at and participation in a summertime team retreat (or workshop series) TBD
  • NEW FOR 2019: Attendance at four consecutive shared features in late summer, dates TBD by the team and coach
  • NEW FOR 2019: Attendance at and participation in at least 75% of team gigs as TBD by the team and coach
  • Respect for, communication with, and support of teammates, coach, and home venue
  • Further evolving commitments cooperatively determined by the team and coach.

In return for the above time and energy spent, the Boston Poetry Slam offers the following perquisites to each member of the team:

  • Free admission to all Wednesday Cantab events (workshops, shows, etc.) through the calendar year
  • Guaranteed open mic or slam sacrifice opportunity at all Wednesday Cantab events through the calendar year
  • Service of the Slam Curator as coach and team director, if desired
  • Individual and team performance coaching
  • Individual and team writing workshops
  • A summertime team retreat (or workshop series) driven in part by the artistic direction of the team
  • Publication in the team’s annual chapbook
  • Assistance with copyediting, formatting, printing, distribution, and other details associated with producing an individual poetry chapbook or other printed product
  • An evolving relationship with pizza pi press
  • Access to paid and unpaid team shows, with team agency to decline, booked through the SC
  • Access to Boston Poetry Slam funds for travel for artistic development, either individually or as a team, as identified cooperatively by the team and approved by the SC
  • Commitment from venue staff, coaching staff, and fellow team members to a team environment that fosters open communication, personal accountability, emotional and physical safety, and artistic risk and reward.

If a team member is unable to fulfill these responsibilities, or the poet declares a desire to depart the team, the poet will no longer be considered a member of the Boston Poetry Slam Team. Remaining team members will decide if they wish to replace the team member via the following replacement hierarchy, with final discretion falling to the Slam Curator:

  1. The next available top scorer(s) in the Team Selection Finals.
  2. The current Champion of Champions of the 8×8 series.
  3. The top scorer(s) in an open poetry slam held exclusively for the purpose of choosing a new team member (or members), if time and venue constraints allow.
  4. A contributing member of the BPS community as unanimously agreed upon by the team members and SC.
  5. Open vote among all interested parties, wherein said parties may not vote for themselves. Ties will be broken by the vote of the SC.