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Yankee Swap Rules

The Yankee Swap was new for the 2015 Team Selection Slams, and is a method by which poets will select one of the two preliminary matches for the selection series.

  1. Throughout the qualifying period, poets will receive points (see below) based on their finish at the Champion of Champions slams; more points establish a lower (later) spot on the Yankee Swap list. The current list and point standings can be found here.
  2. Upon receiving the Team Selection Slam notification email, competitors who can absolutely only attend ONE of the bouts may reply within a six-day period to select their prelim date. Only competitors with a specific, documented inability to attend one of the bouts (TBD by the SlamMaster) may exercise this option. These poets are removed from the Yankee Swap list and guaranteed their selected date.
  3. Following the final Champion of Champions slam of the season, poets will engage in the New England tradition of the Yankee Swap. Beginning at the top of the list, each poet will have a turn to exercise ONE of the following options:
    • Select an empty slot in a preliminary match, OR;
    • Select a full slot in a preliminary match and move the poet in that slot to the other prelim.

    Special cases:

    • Competitors may not select a poet who was guaranteed a date in step 1;
    • Poets may not trade prelim dates outside of the rules above. Yankees make do!

Yankee Swap point values for slammers (complete listing). All point values apply ONLY to the Champion of Champions slams within the qualification period:

  • +1 point for slamming in a Champion of Champions Slam
  • +2 points for slamming in the semi-final (second) round of the Champs slam
  • +3 points for slamming in the final (third) round of the Champs slam
  • +4 points for winning the final (Season Championship) round
  • Note that 0 points are awarded for winning an open slam or for winning the Champion of Champions round. Champion of Champions benefits are described under “special cases” below.

Tie-breakers for poets with the same point values, to be applied among all tied poets in the following order:

  1. Head-to-head record over all Champs slams in the qualifying period;
  2. Head-to-head record in most recent Champs slam in the qualifying period;
  3. Highest finish in most recent Champs slam during the qualifying period;
  4. Highest finish over all Champs slam during the qualifying period;
  5. Most open slam wins (not including any Last Chance Slam) in the qualifying period;
  6. Most recent open slam win (not including any Last Chance Slam) in the qualifying period;
  7. Coin flip.

Special cases:

  • All poets who held the Champion of Champions title during the qualification period will be placed at the bottom of the list, in order from least recent to most recent champ.
  • The reigning Champion of Champions selects BOTH first AND last in the Yankee Swap, and therefore appears in both slots on the list.
  • If there is a Last Chance Slam, a spot for the winner will automatically be placed once the reigning Champion of Champions makes the first pick in the Swap: the Last Chance spot will be placed in the opposite prelim and may be treated like any other slot on the list. If the winner of the Last Chance slam is already on the Yankee Swap list, the spot selected for the Last Chance winner will be struck.